Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Galactic Portal : Dragon realms update 30th Oct 12

The Galactic Portal : Dragon realms update 30th Oct 12: We are the dragon realms and we are here to guide and support ALL as the new dimension in which the human race now live is created within th...

Friday, 5 October 2012

A little on one of my experiences

Hello to all :)

 I have had a most interesting and intense past three months. Lots of fears that needed to be dealt with came to surface. Accepting who I am and not feeling the need to explain to anyone any longer was just one.  Being comfortable with me being "me". Dealing with my personal fears and releasing them is such a feel good.

 My personal experiences are not like any in my family.Therefore,I have had some intense moments of heavy conversations about what I stand for and how I have ended up "like this". It has been a gradual change..eleven years now.

  I am learning to love all my unique differences ;) I am able to stand on my own with all I know now. Always love to have other like minded beings around of course. Always growing and expanding :) I appreciate and love my imperfections as well as my perfections..haha. Life is just one big dance, my steps are for my growth and that of my fellow beings. I feel so great about that. :)

It has come to my attention that most of us have had quit an interesting and intense year. Much to learn or remember, however you chose to view it. :) I notice the trend in with big learnings comes big bumpy rides lol. Year of the dragon has been a huge movement for myself. Truly knowing who I am and how we are able to create our world the way we wish to have it...WOW..then seeing it all take shape before ones eyes.
 Amazing...this dance is incredible.
can not find name of this artist 

I have had all my learnings occur before I know what it is that has happened.  Example, I had my first experience with a close member of the family  whom while we were speaking his face turned into to a being I had never seen before. I then proceeded to fill him with light..I was able to see the light filling up all around him. Then he was back to the person I was familiar with. SO he shifted in front of me with my eyes wide open. I thought what the heck is happening.

That same week a partner of mine and I go out to pick up a selenite wand, find out that the lady there does fairy readings. My lady friend pics a card out of this crazy deck. Gets her read on it, then she shows me the card and OMG it is that creature the gentleman had turned into that same week. Shocked...I look at my friend and WOW this is amazing and I have to say I was a little shook up..but more intrigued.

This is now part of my normal every day. If someone has energy of another being more so then their   own in their presence  I am able to visually see it.
I have learnt to trust in my wise women within, my light being.. knows all. I am thankful to be in a position in this life to have a clearer understanding what truth is to me. I trust not in what one speaks but what spirit shows me and I feel to be truth. With that being said I would have to say I view the world in lets say a more vibrational kind of way now.
My learnings will continue and I shall continue to evolve. My joy is following my truth and I felt to share some of that with you.
Magic is real and I am truly grateful to be able to enjoy all, life is rich, brilliant and a blessing.

Love and light to all _/|\_